Canada: 2017 $20 Ancient Canada: Ogygopsis Silver Coin

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  • Canada: 2017 $20 Ancient Canada: Ogygopsis Silver Coin
  • Canada: 2017 $20 Ancient Canada: Ogygopsis Silver Coin
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Canada: 2017 $20 Ancient Canada: Ogygopsis Silver Coin

Finish: Antique

Mintage: 5500

Design: The coin is based on fossils curated at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller, Alberta, and has been reviewed for scientific accuracy by palaeontologists at the Museum. The rimless coin’s unusual contour is the result of an old coin-minting technique that allows the fine silver to “spill” out and form an irregular shape, much like an ancient Roman coin. Further bridging the past with the present, a combination of cutting-edge technology and finishing techniques re-create the articulated dorsal exoskeleton of a young Ogygopsis klotzi—specifically, that of a presumed moult. The precision-engraved depiction of these fossils has added shine next to the textured appearance of its “rock” encasement. A patina finish gives the entire design an ancient look and feel, which is enhanced by the use of a prehistoric-looking font on both the reverse and obverse.

Packaging: The coin is encapsulated in a floating frame and is protected by a black beauty box.



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